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©AP / Patrick Duffy
© AP / Patrick Duffy
Patrick Duffy wants to reunite with Suzanne Somers for 'Step by Step' special


Patrick Duffy has called on TV bosses to reunite him with Suzanne Somers for a "Step By Step" special.

The 64-year-old actor is pushing for a reboot of the 1990s family sitcom, in which he and Somers played single parents who spontaneously marry and end up with a large, blended family.

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"I would love to work with Suzanne again," he told The Hollywood Reporter. "The 'Step by Step' cast was so wonderful to be with. They were my family, and I think a little two-hour special about where these people are -- not a documentary, but actually doing a show -- seeing where they all come to over the years. It would be so fun to play that goofy Frank Lambert character again, aging another 25 years."

Duffy recently revived his most famous character, Bobby Ewing, for a "Dallas" reboot, and he says he has also become nostalgic for his short-lived 1977 sci-fi series, "Man From Atlantis."

"Going back to 'Man From Atlantis,' it would be interesting to play that character 40 years later," he said. "Not trying to be a superhero, but to be a sage voice of that kind of sci-fi thing. ... I would be the Obi-Wan of the 'Man From Atlantis' at that point. That would be fun."