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©WENN / Courtney Love
© WENN / Courtney Love
Courtney Love in talks for TV talent show


Courtney Love is in talks to join a TV talent show as a judge and mentor. The rocker has revealed that she is close to signing up, but she's refusing to name the show.

She tells Wonderland magazine, "I don't know if it's gonna happen or not, but they're looking at me to judge one of these talent shows. Some people go on them and they have butterflies come out of their a--. I'm not saying I'm gonna go on and be a c---, but I would just be myself.

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"I'm not afraid to be honest. I always said I would never, ever, ever do one, but I'm not talking about the one judging dogs -- it's the other one; I don't wanna say the name of it. If Ellen DeGeneres can be a judge, I mean, hello?"

DeGeneres was a judge on "American Idol," but insiders suggest Love could become Britney Spears' replacement on "The X Factor." Spears quit the show at the beginning of the year after just one season as a judge. Show creator and judge-mentor Simon Cowell recently confirmed that Demi Lovato would be returning next season and he announced two new judges would be revealed this spring.

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