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Gerald Babin
© Le Parisien/AEF -- Gerald Babin
France to tighten TV rules over 'Survivor' deaths

PARIS (AP) — France's broadcast regulator says it's taking steps to tighten safety rules for TV reality shows, following two deaths on the French version of adventure show "Survivor."

In a statement Wednesday, the Higher Broadcasting Council expressed deep sadness over the death last month of contestant Gerald Babin and Monday's suicide of Thierry Costa, an on-screen doctor who treated Babin.

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It said that it will consult with French TV stations in the coming weeks to find ways to further "respect human dignity" on such shows, and re-examine the current rules.

The council also reminded TV producers of the need to exercise "the greatest prudence when recruiting contestants."

It also expresses "wishes that participants get medical and psychological help during filming and for several months afterwards."

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