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Jacoby Jones' NFL teammates' gunning for his Dancing with the Stars win
Dancing With The Stars contestant Jacoby Jones has revealed that his Baltimore Ravens teammates have stopped teasing him about his ballroom dancing skills, and are now eager for the athlete to win. The wide receiver garnered nationwide attention with his end zone victory dances on the field, and now he's one of the frontrunners on the 16th season of the ballroom dancing competition. However, while most may assume his fellow Super Bowl winners are giving him a hard time for his dancefloor antics, Jones tells Entertainment Tonight that his pals couldn't be more supportive. He divulges, "Most of the responses I've got from my teammates have been positive. They're actually mad at (judge) Len (Goodman) for giving me the lowest score... They were excited for me. "I don't think I've had any players tease me. It's all positive feedback. My teammates are so competitive. They text me every day: 'Boy, you better win!' Anquan Boldin, Joe Flacco, everybody has been texting me... Everything has been about the competition... They look at it so competitive." While NFL players such as champs Emmitt Smith and Donald Driver's preceding history on the show suggests Jones has a good shot of taking home the mirrorball trophy, the 28 year old isn't prepping his victory dance just yet. He explains, "My chances of winning are equal to anyone's. It's all about the work and effort you put into it." Jones, who is in fourth place after the first week of competition, faces the season's first elimination round on Tuesday (26Mar13).