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50 Cent
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50 Cent questions former manager's suicide in VH1's 'Behind The Music'


Rapper 50 Cent is using a new VH1 "Behind The Music" TV special to keep an investigation into the death of his former manager Chris Lighty alive, insisting he still doesn't accept the hip-hop mogul killed himself.

The rapper reportedly hired a team of private detectives to look into Lighty's death after his friend was found dead with a gunshot wound to the head in his Bronx apartment in August. New York Medical Examiner officials ruled the tragedy a suicide, but 50 Cent is convinced there's much more to the story and he has opened up about the loss of his pal in a new TV special, which aired on Wednesday night.

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He says, "I got the phone call. It's almost like the noise turned off. I was just like, 'Nah, I couldn't actually see him killing himself. I can't really believe that I just heard you say that to me'. To this day, I don't believe he killed himself."

And his longtime friend and associate Tony Yayo also spoke out about the tragedy, adding, "Chris Lighty was a real cocky guy. To me it just didn't make sense. People saying that he killed himself over finances and money, I really don't see that. If he was broke, he could go out and make a million dollars the next day, that easily. He's a hustler, just like 50."

And Yayo insists 50 Cent is still in a lot of pain after losing his friend and mentor, "I know 50 is still hurting, he may not show it. He's not good at showing pain, but I know he's hurting inside still."

The tough guy of rap admits, "Chris Lighty was a huge portion of my actual career. It's difficult to adjust to not have someone around that's in your life."