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Full Throttle Saloon guest star arrested for $1 million fraud scheme
Full Throttle Saloon guest star Nicole Clawson has been arrested for fraud after her $1 million scam was uncovered on the show. The Florida native, who was a welcome guest to the famous Sturgis, South Dakota biker bar, got into trouble after telling owner Michael Ballard that her recently deceased father had left the saloon $1 million in his will. On a recent episode she attested, "My dad told me that Full Throttle to him was a second home. If my dad could be on a Harley, he was a happy man." The saloon's staff treated her as a VIP and showered her with free drinks, but the celebrations stopped when Ballard discovered her generous check had bounced. He stated, "Every bit of it was orchestrated. It was all fake with her. Everything about that girl was fake." And last Thursday (28Feb13), just one day after the episode aired, the 39 year old was arrested in Florida and charged with two counts of fraud. In addition, Clawson is also linked to dozens of other scams, with investigations under way in Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, and Ohio, according to Florida police.