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Barbara Walters
© AP/ Barbara Walters
Barbara Walters hopes to return to 'The View' in 3 weeks

NEW YORK (AP) -- Barbara Walters isn't "scratching too much" from chicken pox, but she says she won't be back at "The View" for three more weeks.

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Walters phoned the ABC talk show Wednesday. Calling from her home, she reported that she's weak but not in any pain.

She was hospitalized on Jan. 19 after fainting and cutting her head at a party in Washington. The 83-year-old has said she had the chicken pox and a temperature at the time but didn't realize it. She suffered a concussion and got six stitches. She was released 10 days later.

She announced Wednesday, "I'm not itching away."

Then she marveled that the best remedy for itching is an age-old one, saying: "We have Facebook, Twitter and calamine lotion."

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