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©AP / Bear Grylls
© AP / Bear Grylls
Bear Grylls poised to return to Discovery Channel with new adventure series


"Man Vs. Wild" star Bear Grylls has inked a deal to return to the Discovery Channel with a new adventure program, "Bear Grylls: Ultimate Survivor."

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Less than a year after the British outdoorsman's contract was terminated by executives, Grylls has signed a deal with the company's international distributor for a new series similar to "Man Vs. Wild."

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the program will still show Grylls as he explains how to survive in dangerous scenarios such as a plane crash in the Amazon and the desolate deserts of North Africa. The show will also feature real life stories of survivors who have lived through the potentially fatal experiences Grylls tackles on the program.

"Bear Grylls: Ultimate Survivor" is set to run on Discovery Networks International's 26 international brands, but a release date has yet to been announced.