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©AP / Nicolas Winding Refn
© AP / Nicolas Winding Refn
'Drive' director recruits 'Skyfall' screenwriters for TV 'Barbarella' revamp


"Drive" director Nicolas Winding Refn has teamed up with "Skyfall" screenwriters Neal Purvis and Robert Wade to revamp Jane Fonda's cult comic book character "Barbarella" for TV.

Bing: 'Barbarella' remake planned

Jean Claude-Forest created the sci-fi heroine in the mid-1960s, and Fonda portrayed her in a cult 1968 film.

Winding Refn announced plans to both produce and direct a TV series based on the movie last summer, and now he has called on the celebrated "Skyfall" writing duo to help him. 

"I'm extremely excited that Neal and Robert have signed on to develop and write 'Barbarella' with me," he said. "I'm certain that the combination of our creative forces will produce a show that is as enthralling as it is sexy."

Purvis and Wade, who have penned four Bond movies in total, have also signed up to give TV cop 'Kojak' a big screen revamp, with Vin Diesel in the title role.