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Denise Richards takes father's love hunt to TV


Actress Denise Richards has turned to reality TV in a bid to find a partner for her father.

The former Bond girl appears on Tuesday night's episode of "Millionaire Matchmaker," which aims to find dates for wealthy single people. Richards was invited onto the show by Patti Stanger, and the host reveals the actress was initially wary about her dad, Irv Richards, signing up to find love on the program.

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She tells TV Guide magazine, "(Richards) tweeted or called me, and she said, 'Would you fix my dad's profile?' I said, 'I'll take you further -- how about bring him on the show?' (Irv) is a widower and I think he's been grieving. I really wanted a good-looking senior, and you couldn't have picked a better person than Irv. He's stunningly handsome, he dresses amazing. He's the best-kept secret and catch.

"(Irv) was the star. Denise was a little bit more subdued, reserved and a little bit more skeptical, which is what I wanted coming from a daughter. He had the life of the party. You turned that camera on and that man just jumped off the screen -- we were shocked. We thought he was going to be shy and introverted. He was completely the opposite. I'm telling you he'll have his own show soon. Trust me."