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©AP / Matt Damon
© AP / Matt Damon
Matt Damon pictured Catherine Zeta-Jones while kissing Michael Douglas, she says


For the new Liberace biopic, Matt Damon says that he faked sexual chemistry with his on-screen lover, played by Michael Douglas, by picturing the actor's wife, Catherine Zeta-Jones.

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Douglas took on the role of the flamboyant entertainer for the upcoming TV movie "Behind the Candelabra," and Damon plays Liberace's younger lover. Zeta-Jones revealed how Damon made the kissing scenes look real, telling "Access Hollywood," "Matt actually said to my husband that when he had to kiss Michael, he'd close his eyes and pretend he's actually kissing me, which I thought to be extremely flattering."

She adds of on-screen kissing scenes, "When you have to make love or kiss on film, it could be a man, a woman, but it's always strange. It's not something that's an entirely normal day out at the office. I remember when I had to kiss Brad Pitt once, Michael asked me what I was doing that day. I went, 'I'm lying in bed, kissing Brad Pitt.' He went, 'Good for you, darling. You enjoy.'" The movie will air on HBO in February.