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Randy Jackson
© Randy Jackson / AP
Randy Jackson says he considered leaving 'American Idol'


Veteran "American Idol" judge Randy Jackson has revealed that he seriously considered leaving the hit singing competition to pursue other projects.

He tells "Access Hollywood," "It did cross my mind, because when we started this, we never knew it would go this long. So, thank God, I was so blessed to have the show and have it go this long, but, sometimes you want to look at some other stuff."

The acclaimed music producer has been on the "Idol" panel since its inception in 2002, making him the only cast member, besides host Ryan Seacrest, to have appeared on all 12 seasons.

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And Jackson adds that even with a new crop of reality singing competitions popping up, he still thinks "Idol" has the staying power that the other shows don't have.

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He explains, "Most things on TV that are reality shows, there's no proof of concept: Somebody wins and they just go away or whatever, they get a trophy or prize and it's on to the next one. This show, the afterlife is amazing when you look at the careers of Jennifer Hudson, you look at the career of Kelly Clarkson. ... This show could go as long as they really want it to go. ... It's the greatest show of its kind."

His comments come just a day after Hudson suggested it was time for "Idol" producers to shut down the show, stating, "Everything has its time. I think it should just allow itself to go out on top ... and gracefully."