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©AP / Claire Danes
© AP / Claire Danes
Claire Danes says Anne Hathaway sent her flowers following 'SNL' skit


Actress Anne Hathaway sent Claire Danes a bouquet of flowers as a peace offering after she poked fun at the "Homeland" star during a skit on "Saturday Night Live," Danes reveals in an interview with Elle magazine. 

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Hathaway was hosting the show last fall when she donned a blond wig and feigned a tearful meltdown as bipolar CIA agent Carrie Mathison in a parody of the popular drama, which earned Danes a Golden Globe award on Sunday. Danes has yet to see Hathaway's portrayal, but she jokes that it must have painted her in a unfavorable light, because the "Les Misérables" star apologized just days later by sending her a floral arrangement.

Danes tells Elle, "I'm friends with Anne, and she sent me a lot of texts beforehand that say, 'Oh God, I hope we'll be friends afterwards.' And then she sent me a very large bouquet of flowers, so I'm assuming it was not the most flattering description."