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Cyndi Lauper
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Cyndi Lauper's comedic life was inspiration for reality show


Singer Cyndi Lauper has revealed her new reality series was originally planned to be a sitcom, but insists her real life is more of a comedy than a scripted show could ever be.

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After Lauper competed on "Celebrity Apprentice" in 2010, executive producer Mark Burnett knew he wanted to work with the eccentric singer on another project. Lauper tells The Hollywood Reporter that initially the two weren't even looking to go into the reality TV world again, and her show, "Still So Unusual," could have been a completely different program.

"We originally wanted to do a scripted comedy, but I realized that my life is a comedy, so we might as well film it," she said. 'I think the show is fun. It shows the struggle with the juggle. For most women, it's really hard to work and have a family, and we kind of want it all. I am lucky because my husband helps me so much, but I think that people can relate because it's about trying to do well and stay close as a family."