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©AP / Jill Goldstein
© AP / Jill Goldstein
Showtime execs eyeing 'The Real L World' documentary


Showtime network bosses have revealed plans to turn reality series "The Real L Word" into a documentary film.

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The cutting-edge docu-series recently wrapped its third season on the premium cable network, and thanks to its success, Showtime executives have expressed interest in delving deeper into the lives of its stars.

During the Television Critics Association press tour on Saturday, Showtime entertainment president David Nevins said, "I want to change up the show and probably not continue it in exactly the same form. I've been ... exploring sort of 'L Word' culture, lesbian culture in places outside of New York and LA, places where the subculture is not so defined and it's maybe not so easy."

He continued, "And I think we'll do a 'Real L Word' documentary. We did the scripted show, did an ensemble reality show, and now it's probably going to become a stand-alone documentary this year. But I think it's an important franchise for us. It could be one-part, be two parts. They're diving in doing research right now."

"The Real L Word" is a spin-off from Showtime's successful scripted drama "The L Word," which ended its six-season run in 2009. Network execs decided to continue the storylines but focused on featuring real women in the unscripted "The Real L Word" series.