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Jennifer Aniston gives Jimmy Kimmel a haircut


Actress Jennifer Aniston showed off her scissor skills by giving talk show host Jimmy Kimmel a haircut on TV.

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The former "Friends" star boasted of giving trims to family and friends while she was in school, and she proved her prowess by giving Kimmel a re-style during the launch of Jimmy Kimmel's new time slot on Tuesday. Before tackling Kimmel's hair, Aniston revealed she used to help out her actor father, John Aniston, by giving him regular trims. She says, "I'm really nervous, I'm kind of shaking ... It's been 30 years since my last haircut, so let's go for it. (The last person whose hair I cut was) my dad, and he was on a soap opera at the time, so that should give you some confidence."

The actress made a dramatic entrance on the show by sporting safety goggles and gloves and carrying a sledgehammer, which she used to destroy Kimmel's desk as part of a skit.