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Jenny McCarthy
© AP/ Jenny McCarthy
Jenny McCarthy hopes to use new talk show to help her love life


Jenny McCarthy is hoping to look for love on her new VH1 talk show by incorporating blind dates into the show.

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The blonde beauty will kick off her late-night talk show on Feb. 8, and she hinted to reporters during the Television Critics Association panel on Saturday that she plans on using the program as a vehicle to rev up her love life. She explained, "I actually want to put blind dates on my show ... and then grab him, stick him in a chair, mic him and be like, 'Hi, let's go on a date for 30 seconds!'"

The 40-year-old, who has a 12-year-old son named Evan, split from NFL player Brian Urlacher in August, but doesn't have much time to dedicate herself to a steady relationship. She says, "There's no time to date anybody. I am having fun, but as much as I'd love to fall in love, I can't right now."