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©AP / Penn Jillette
© AP / Penn Jillette
Penn Jillette says 'Celebrity Apprentice' is the most honest reality show


"Celebrity Apprentice" all-star Penn Jillette has dubbed the competition the "most honest show" in reality television. The Season 5 alum will be heading back to face Donald Trump in the boardroom as he participates in the upcoming edition of "All-Star Celebrity Apprentice." During an interview for the Television Critics Association on Sunday, he attributed his return to the show to the honest and straightforward production value, which he believes is lacking on most reality TV shows.

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He explains, "It's the most honest show I've ever heard about in reality. That's the stunning thing that blows people's minds. 'Celebrity Apprentice' has more integrity and is the most straightforward show I've ever seen ... I have never seen or heard an example of disingenuous editing or anything being done out of context. The story that's told on 'Celebrity Apprentice' seems to be the story that could be told if you were there. I was really amazed by that, and honesty is perhaps as important to me as anything else. So I was thrilled to go back and trust the editors and the producers. It's no different than being in life. It's exactly the same."

Jillette will be joined by former cast members including Omarosa Manigault, Stephen Baldwin, Gary Busey and Bret Michaels when the all-stars edition premieres on March 3.