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Jessica Simpson
© AP/Jessica Simpson
Jessica Simpson suffered with separation anxiety on 'Fashion Star'


Jessica Simpson suffered with separation anxiety whenever she had to leave her baby daughter to film reality show "Fashion Star."

Simpson, who is expecting her second child, has been struggling to balance her career with her personal life since giving birth to daughter Maxwell last May. She returned to work in the fall to begin shooting the second season of the program, which premieres in March, but Simpson reveals the toughest part of her job was being away from home.

She tells, "On some of the days of 'Fashion Star,' I'm awake before [Maxwell] is awake, and I'm not home until she's already back to sleep. That's only happened about four times, but it makes the day awful. I definitely need to see my baby.

"I get really sad if I don't get to see her. And then when Maxwell sees me, she just stares at me and touches my face. I can tell she missed me. That breaks my heart."

But the pop star admits she had a lot of help at home from fiance Eric Johnson: "[He is] a great father. It is the sexiest thing in the world to watch how he handles [Maxwell]. We're both learning together, but it's fun because we both get to grow in our relationship together."