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Simon Cowell
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Simon Cowell blames low 'X Factor' ratings on TV talent show overkill


"The X Factor" creator Simon Cowell has blamed TV talent show "overkill" as the reason for his program's low ratings.

Although the singing competition proved to be a hit in his native U.K., the U.S. version never seemed to garner the same success he had when he brought "American Idol" to the States in 2002.

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With mediocre ratings and a rival singing contest, "The Voice," on NBC, Cowell's dreams of making "The X Factor" the biggest and best show in the fall lineup have fallen short. And he tells MTV News that the over saturation of the very singing competition phenomenon he helped start is to blame for its shortcomings.

Cowell explains, "We were expecting there was going to be a problem with the ratings this year, not just with us but with everything, because it's overkill, there are way too many talent shows on ... Once 'The Voice' decided to go Monday, Tuesday and we were Wednesday, Thursday -- I use the expression it's like having 14 sugars in your coffee when you want two."

Now with season two coming to a close on Thursday, the one thing the show has proven is that untapped talent is still out there and ready to be discovered, even if they can't all be crowned the champion. He adds, "I've done this for 10 years. The one thing that's the most important is the legacy you leave behind each year. The legacy we're going to leave behind is strong, not just with Tate Stevens, Carly Rose Sonenclar and Fifth Harmony but also with artists like Emblem3. That's what we're judged on."