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©AP -- Gabby Douglas
© AP -- Gabby Douglas
Gabby Douglas says she's open to 'Dancing With the Stars' stint


Olympic gold medalist Gabby Douglas has set her sights on a "Dancing With the Stars" spot after performing with finalist Shawn Johnson during Monday's final performance show.

The gymnast and her Fierce Five teammates joined Johnson on the dance floor for an impressive freestyle routine, and now that she's had a taste of what it would be like to compete on a reality competition show, Douglas is eager to take on the challenge herself.

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The 16-year-old tells entertainment site, "I love the dynamic of being paired with a partner, just having so much behind the scenes, backstage, and just going out there performing for the fans and the crowd. Why not?"

And it would only be fitting for her to follow in Johnson's footsteps, as Douglas trained with Johnson's coach for the London Olympics, then went on to win the same individual all-round gold medal her pal picked up at the last Olympics.

Johnson commends the girls for the hard work they put in on her behalf on the show, and she gives her blessing to any of the ladies who want to put on their dancing shoes for the next season. She says, "I think they learned in the past two days it's a lot more work than you think, but they would be amazing."

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