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Sherman Hemsley
© AP / Sherman Hemsley
Sherman Hemsley to receive military funeral


Actor Sherman Hemsley will be laid to rest at a military funeral more than three months after his death in July.

Hemsley, best known for his role on the TV show "The Jeffersons," died in Texas after a battle with lung cancer, but his memorial service was delayed and his body was held at a funeral home while the courts ruled on a dispute over his will.

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A judge in El Paso, Texas, decided on Friday that the star's will is valid and gave permission for Hemsley's benefactor, his longtime friend and manager, Flora Enchinton Bernal, to finally go ahead with funeral plans.

Bernal's attorney, Alexander Neill, says Hemsley will be given a military funeral and laid to rest at Fort Bliss National Cemetery in El Paso in tribute to his years served in the United States Air Force before he took up acting.

Neill tells FOX News, "My client is planning on a military funeral for Mr. Hemsley at Fort Bliss National Cemetery here in El Paso. Mr. Hemsley previously served in the United States Air Force and, thus, is eligible for a military funeral."

It is not yet known when the memorial service will take place.