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Kurt Sutter
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'Sons of Anarchy' creator will distribute episode to storm victims


"Sons of Anarchy" creator Kurt Sutter is planning to purchase digital copies of last week's episode and distribute them to victims of superstorm Sandy.

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Sutter fears many fans on the East Coast will have missed out on seeing the November 2 episode of the drama after the massive storm knocked out power to thousands of homes. He now wants to help them catch up by distributing 5,000 digital copies of the episode to those affected by the hurricane and is asking fans to send in their pictures of the storm to receive one.

In a series of posts on Twitter, he writes, "When power is restored back east, I will buy 5,000 copies of 'SOA' (Sons of Anarchy) episode 508 on Amazon Instant for those who couldn't see it or DVR it because of Sandy ... I know 5k is only a fraction of people who missed it, but I want my peeps in Jersey to know I care ... We love you ..." He later adds, "For those who see my efforts as a waste of cash and just self promotion ... (Wife) Katey (Sagal) and I have also contributed significantly to relief efforts... "East coast, send me a pic of Sandy and I send you a free copy of the episode you missed cause of that b-----."