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Nicki Minaj
© AP/ Nicki Minaj
Nicki Minaj stunned by her language in new reality show


Rapper Nicki Minaj was left stunned when she watched an early screening of her new reality show, because she frequently swears in the footage.

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Minaj landed a three-part fly-on-the-wall documentary series, titled "Nicki Minaj: My Truth," and cameras for the E! Network have been following the star around this year.

However, Minaj has been left aghast after viewing the first episode, because she curses throughout the show.

She tells U.K. TV host Alan Carr, "I didn't realize how much I swear until I just saw the first episode of the E! special and I'm just like how many times am I gonna say that word, you gotta be f**king for real... am I gonna say the f word over and f**king over. Oh, I'm doing it again... they're gonna have to beep it out."

The show is set to air Sunday.