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NLCS Championship Series delays X Factor Top 16 reveal
Only a portion of The X Factor top 16 contenders have been revealed, as the rain delay in game three of the National League Championship Series forced the singing competition to stop midway. FOX execs were faced with a programming predicament on Wednesday (17Oct12), as the Major League Baseball game between the St. Louis Cardinals and San Francisco Giants was put on a three and a half hour hold while waiting for the rain in St. Louis, Missouri to subside. During the network's down time, bosses decided to air The X Factor, which was originally scheduled for its normal time at 8:00pm Eastern time, after the game was meant to end. With The X Factor back on, viewers were able to find out which of the remaining 24 contestants would advance to the live shows. First up was judge Britney Spears and the members of her teen category. Early favorites Diamond White and Carly Rose Sonenberg moved on with ease, and joining them was 13-year-old Beatrice Miller and Arin Ray, whose second attempt at the singing competition as a solo artist proved to be the right decision. Spears also had the unwanted task of sending home two of her six group members, Reed Demming and James Tanner. Over in L.A. Reid's Hollywood Hills home, the music mogul admitted he had a really strong category, despite his previous assumption that the over 25 year olds had the least amount of talent. But the four that proved him wrong and moving on with Reid to the season's first live shows are David Correy, Jason Brock, Vino Allen and Tate Stevens, leaving Tara Simon and Daryl Black to pack up their belongings and head back home. Before the baseball game returned rain-free, Demi Lovato told Jannel Garcia and Willie Jones the good news that they would be among the four signers in her young adult category moving on to the next round. With 10 acts announced, Lovato's two remaining hopefuls and all four of Simon Cowell's groups will be revealed when the encore presentation of The X Factor airs in its entirety next Tuesday (23Oct12).