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Little People, Big World stars return to TLC for new series
Little People, Big World stars Matt Roloff and wife Amy have signed on to return to reality TV in a new series. The small family that made a big impact on TLC is returning to their home network for a new series called Little People, Big World: Wedding Farm. The spin-off will follow the Roloffs as they kick off a wedding venue business on their expanding Oregon farm. Matt tells entertainment website their new venture was completely started on their own accord, and not an idea from TLC execs to lure them into shooting another series. He admits, "This was not something where TLC came and said, 'Let’s do this and that,' This was a business plan that we put together during our off time from the show. And this was how we were going to justify the purchase of the investment of that farm." "It was something Amy and I thought we could collaborate on well together. I like to build projects. It’s just been fun to collaborate and have things that we can work together on now that the kids are moving on down the road." The six-episode series is set to begin on 13 November (12).