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Bristol Palin
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Drew Lachey sticks up for 'DWTS' co-star Bristol Palin


Pop singer-turned-TV personality Drew Lachey was appalled when he learned a mystery package was sent to "Dancing With The Stars" producers with demands to kick his rival Bristol Palin off the show.

The powder-packed item wasn't addressed to Palin personally but it reportedly came with a threatening note urging producers to get rid of the daughter of former Republican vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin.

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Police officials were called to the set of the show on Wednesday and they quickly ruled the package was harmless, but it was still sent off for lab tests.

And now Lachey has spoken out about the drama, saying the sender of the package is "ignorant."

Appearing on "Access Hollywood Live" on Friday, the 98 Degrees star said, "That's just stupid, that's just people's ignorance.

 "Whatever her political views are and whether you agree with her or not..., she's a human being and she deserves the same respect everybody else does."

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