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Kristin Chenoweth
© AP/ Kristin Chenoweth
Kristin Chenoweth reveals she fractured skull in on-set accident


Actress Kristin Chenoweth suffered a fractured skull in her on-set accident while filming "The Good Wife" in July.

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The star was taken to a hospital after a lighting rig fell and struck her head, and she was forced to take time out from shooting the show before finally returning last Friday.

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She had previously only revealed she had suffered a "serious head injury," but it's now emerged the actress had a five-and-a-half-inch crack to her skull. Chenoweth tells the New York Daily News, "I had a huge tarp lighting fall on my head and it knocked me out. It slammed me back and my head fell on the curb, so I've had a five-and-a-half-inch skull fracture."