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Jonah Hill's 'SNL' monologue pokes fun at his Oscar-size ego

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Did getting an Oscar nomination go to Jonah Hill's head?

Apparently not, as the comic actor used his guest-host gig on last night's "Saturday Night Live" to riff on his rise from "Superbad" goofball to receiving an Academy Award nomination for best supporting actor in "Moneyball."

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Looking dapper in an all-black suit, the 28-year-old Hill used his monologue to show that the Oscars didn't blow his ego into orbit.

"Hey! How ya doing?" he greeted "SNL" cast member Andy Samberg, in a hilarious pre-taped clip. He then treated the befuddled Samberg as a lackey. "Maybe like a Diet Coke or something? ... I'm a little parched from all the red carpet banter. Oscar nom stuff."

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The clip follows Hill into the makeup room where he wearily sighs to Kristen Wiig, "I feel so weird. Do you know that feeling like you were just nominated for an Oscar?"

"Actually, I was nominated, remember?" Wiig says. "For writing best original screenplay."

Hill replies, "That is so cute. Is that before or after the visual effects one?"

"Well congrats on losing to Christopher Plummer," Wiig smirks.

Hill's ego comes back down to earth as he tries to call "Moneyball" co-star Brad Pitt only to discover the number's been disconnected.

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