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Hilary Duff gets mean on 'Community'

Entertainment Tonight

Newlywed Hilary Duff turns into a mean girl on tonight's episode of "Community," and ET talks to the former "Lizzie McGuire" star about just how fun that was.
"It was a different character, which was exciting for me to get to play," she says. "And it was only a few days of my life, so it was fun to just jump into that."

Video: Hilary Duff gets mean on 'Community'
Hilary guest-stars as Meghan, who leads a group of mean girls who attack the "Community" gals. Then they bond with Abed (Danny Pudi) when he becomes the ultimate "mean girl."
"It was fun to play a character that acts super confident but is totally shallow and scared inside. She really gets Danny Pudi's character on the show," Hilary continues."Being the most popular girl at a community college is important to her. I thought that was really funny."
Hilary says that she has been taking guest-starring roles, such as the one on "Community" and "Gossip Girl," and her starring role in the TV movie "Beauty & the Briefcase," because they satisfy her desire to act, while giving her time to visit her husband, Mike Comrie, who is playing hockey for Pittsburgh this season.
"We did just get married, so it's important that we see each other a lot," she says. "And, you know, both of our careers are very important to us. We just find a way to juggle it. We have people that help us stay organized and on top of things, so important things don't slip through the cracks, you know? You figure out how to make it work when you have to."
If a series regular role should come along, Hilary says that Mike is supportive of her and understands that her career is important to her.
"The one thing that's nice about TV is that you have three weeks on, one week off, most of the time. So I actually think it would work because we're used to going two to three weeks without seeing each other. But, I would only do it if it was something that I was really committed to."
"Community" airs tonight at 8 p.m. on NBC.