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Report: Miley warned to keep her 'Dancing' performance tame

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Miley Cyrus may sing about how she "Can't Be Tamed" in her new single, but it looks like the producers of "Dancing With the Stars" think that actually can.

According to, Miley, who is set to perform the song on Tuesday's "Dancing," has been warned by producers to keep things G-rated. 

"Her rehearsals of the song have been fine, but the show is on live but when Adam Lambert rehearsed for the American Music Awards , he didn't do anything controversial during rehearsals, either," one source claims. "(Cyrus has) been told that she can be herself, but there'd better not be any surprises."

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The report comes a week after Miley was filmed giving one of her "Last Song" producers a lap dance. The recent release of the "Can't Be Tamed," in which a highly sexualized Miley dances in a birdcage (see video below), also caused controversy.

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