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Saturday Night Live Recap: Drew Barrymore Hosts


Fresh off the media tour from her directorial debut for Whip It, Drew Barrymore solidified her rep as the new Hollywood "It" girl when she hosted Saturday Night Live, proving once again to be smart, funny and lovable. Musical guest Regina Spektor performed two songs and Barrymore's on again, off again beau, Justin Long, made a cameo appearance as Matthew McConaughey in, arguably, one of the best skits of the night.

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Weekend Update: James Carville
Republicans are just angry people, said James Carville (Bill Hader) to Seth Meyers in response to outrage over Obama winning the Nobel Peace Price. And Rush Limbaugh is mean and fat. "How you gonna call him Rush? I mean that's a terrible name for a slow fat man, Seth."

Celebrity Ghost Stories
Gotees mysteriously turning into soul patches, Louis Ross in your miso soup and peculiar Mexican workers are just a few of the ways celebrities like Billy Bob Thornton (Samberg) and Anna Faris (Elliott) are haunted. Not even Ghostbuster musicians are safe. What's even more eerie? How the heck they do those voices!

University of Westfield
First rule of online college: don't mention you went to online college. At the University of Westfield, you can get your degree in the comfort of your pajamas. In this ad, Kenan Thompson, Nasim Pedrad and Jenny Slate will teach you that the only thing worse than going to online college is telling people you went to online college.

Digital Short
Brenda (Barrymore) and Sean (Fred Armisen) will light up your life. Literally. With glowing thumbs, the white silk, jumpsuit-wearing pair is available as entertainment for birthday parties, road trips, evictions and medical emergencies.

La Rivista Della Televisione con Vinny Vedecci
Speaking of your breasts and Bill Hader once again shows us his incredible use of Italish as he hosts Drew Barrymore to discuss everything from ET (pronounced "et"), to directing, to, yes, her boobs.

Barrymore Introduction
Because this episode of SNL marked Barrymore's sixth time as host—having hosted more times than any other woman in SNL history—Drew paid tribute to a long line of Barrymore stage actors. Kristin Wiig, Bill Hader, Abby Elliott, Andy Samberg and Kenan Thompson played her ditsy, valley girl, head shaking ancestors in this episode's intro.

Tampax To The Max: Tournament of Champions
"Knick knacks, paddywax, stop your flow with Tampax." The best part about this ESPN Classic billiards tournament is announcer Pete Twinkle's (Jason Sudeikis) Tampax advertising plugs. His co-host and friend, Greg Stink (Will Forte) is no expert on the sport, offering little more than a series of 'I don't knows' regarding the game between Greta Milwaukee (Kristen Wiig) and Nina Wilkes Booth (Barrymore).