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Dave Chappelle stages impromptu set in Portland

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Thanks to a rumor spread digitally via text, Facebook and Twitter, thousands of Dave Chappelle fans gathered in Portland's Pioneer Square in the wee hours Tuesday night to catch a free, impromptu set by the comic, Entertainment Weekly reports.

Arriving close to 1 a.m., Chappelle thanked the large crowd for remaining peaceful, and joked that he hadn't expected more than 100 people to show up. He also poked fun at Starbucks coffee, and at the scantily clad audience members that had chosen the square's rooftops as their seats.

Although Chappelle's sound system consisted of only a small amplifier, making it difficult for everyone to catch what he was saying, he earned supportive hoots, hollers and laughs from the crowd.

Chappelle has largely shunned the spotlight since quitting his Comedy Central show in 2005. But the Portland set is at least his third unofficial show in the past two weeks. Twice this month, he also dropped in on the World Famous Comedy Store in Los Angeles, according to the Jacksonville Observer.

In 2005, after EW reported he had checked himself into a mental health facility in South Africa, the comic staged a series of surprise shows in Los Angeles. The next year, he starred in unanounced sets in Seattle as well.

Chappelle later told Oprah Winfrey he had cancelled "Chappelle's Show" due to stress, not because, as had been rumored, he was crazy or on drugs.

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