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'Big Brother 10' - Jen's Take: Episode 13
Keesha and Libra put up for eviction

By Jen Johnson
Special to MSN TV

This episode starts with the reactions of the houseguests toward Jessie's eviction. Michelle says that, when he got evicted, she only saw red; she looks so mad! Eww. Keesha thinks she "pulled it off" and that she got Jessie out of the house. Libra just says something rude. Jerry and April realize that the line is drawn and that they "flipped" Dan. Then, we see Michelle winning HOH and her going off on everybody. April, Libra, Jerry, Keesha and Michelle just start yelling at each other like crazy; they all look like they are going to explode at any moment. Dan just goes in his room and puts the pillow on his head; he knows he is in trouble and just figures that he might as well stay out of it. He is lucky that the women of this house and Jerry are such hotheads. Dan and Memphis have a chat about how everyone else is so crazy. Memphis and Michelle talk to Dan and keep asking, "Why? Why did you vote Jessie out?" Dan just says that they talked him into it and that he is a weak player. Michelle seems to feel bad for Dan; she even invites him to talk, if he wants to talk. Well, it looks like Dan's week as "America's Player" won't hurt him. Well, at least not this week.

Michelle gets her HOH room, and everyone is very nice; she reads her letter out loud to everyone as she cries. Renny then leaves and starts to cry, saying that she misses her family. It seems like she is bummed that she still hasn't won an HOH. I hope that Keesha goes home this week and that is immediately followed by Renny winning HOH.

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Next up is the game show/food competition/luxury competition called "In the News?" This is where the current houseguests get to pick a former houseguest who hasn't already been picked. Dan stands up for Monday and picks Boogie. He says that, in order to be the best, you have to beat the best. His statement was: "Brett Favre came out of retirement and was traded to the NY Jets." Dan says, "No. Brett would only play for the Packers." And he is wrong! No food for Monday! Renny steps up next and chooses me. Her statement is: "The price of gas is over six dollars." I mean, please. Who in their right mind would think that is possible? The houseguests have only been in there a month. I kind of thought that there is no way she is going to get it wrong, so I might as well just tell her the truth! :-) Renny got food for Tuesday! Yeah, Renny! I also told her she was my favorite! I guess I am her favorite as well considering she picked me! :-) Jerry then picks Janelle, and his statement is: "Jessie was offered the cover of Muscle and Fitness Magazine." I thought that when Janelle got that one, it was going to be a tough sell, but for some reason Jerry gets it wrong. No food for Wednesday! Memphis then chooses Amy, and his statement is: "Chinese officials ban bald and smelly cab drivers in Beijing." Who in the world would think that was a true statement? I live in this world, and I still don't believe it. And neither did Memphis. Therefore, he didn't win the grill for the house. Ollie then chooses Matt and seems really excited about it. I think some player words are exchanged and then Ollie gets his statement: "China announces that it can prevent fall." Ollie says that statement is not in the news, and he is wrong, which means they don't get food for Thursday. Libra chooses Bunky, and her statement is: "Cheech and Chong reunite for a tour." She thinks that is wrong, and they don't get food for Friday. Michelle chooses Jase, and her statement is: "Big Brother simulates earthquake." When he first got this question, I kind of wanted it, knowing that only Michelle and Memphis knew the earthquake was real. But unfortunately for Jase, Michelle picked him, which means the houseguests get a Feast! April chooses Chicken George, and her statement is: "Britney Spears is set to record a country album." For some reason April thinks that is true, which means that she doesn't win food for the house on Saturday.

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Keesha and Jun are paired, and the statement is: "Paris Hilton urges Americans not to vote for George Bush again." When I heard this statement, I was confused; I don't even think the statement was written correctly, but it is an easy way for Keesha to get food for the house on Sunday. So basically the house is on slop Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Michelle has talks with Memphis, Renny and Jerry about who she should put up. The other houseguests have talks amongst themselves about who will be nominated, and then the nomination ceremony takes place. Michelle nominates Keesha and Libra. I am a little excited and a little worried. Why? Well, because I still like Libra and I think she is going home. But there is a chance that Keesha might go home. And even if Libra goes home, Keesha will be weaker and will hopefully go home soon!

Plus, Jen's Take on her guest appearance:

Hello! So let me just start this by saying that, NO, I am not going to tell you any "production stuff." I am just talking about the people there. Well, first of all, when I was called three weeks ago, I had no idea who else was going to be there with me. I knew that I was going to be the only one from Season 8, and that is really all I cared about. So when I got to LA the day before we were going to film, I went on a spy mission to try to find out who else was going to be there. I discovered that Janelle and Brian were there; I tried calling both of their rooms. Brian didn't call me back. Later, I found out he was hanging out with Daniele, so I am guessing that is why. Janelle called me at 10 p.m. Her flight got in late, but I was already sleeping. We had to be in the lobby at 7:30, yes, a.m! We all got in the shuttle. Well, most of us. Boogie and Bunky are from LA, so they met us there. Anyways we got to the CBS lot. It was weird; whenever I go there, I always feel like I might not get to leave, and this was no exception. Anyways, we got to the green room, where we all hung out, took pictures and ate. It was a full room in order of season, there was Chicken George, Bunky, Amy, Jun, Jase, Janelle, Boogie, Myself, Matt and Brian for the competition as well as Danielle from Season 3; she was going to be doing a tour of the house. While we were there, I pretty much hung out with the girls. Jun claimed to be star struck; it was funny. We are all from the same show! Amy was really nice. Apparently she and Danielle are really good friends and they had been planning a "shopping" trip there in LA for some time. Janelle brought like six dresses, and she kept trying them on and asking us which one we thought looked best. They all looked good, of course, and she went with the dress she started in, which was my favorite anyways. Danielle was really nice. She kept asking about Nick; she said that he should have come and hung out. Jase was showing us all a picture of his 15-month-old boy; it was sweet. Bunky was taking a ton of pictures. I think he has a picture with everyone times five! Chicken George was loud and happy as usual. And of course had everyone sign stuff for him; he said he was going to sell it on eBay to pay for his kids' college tuition. I was like, "Hey, George. I'm in college, and my parents aren't even paying for it." And you don't see me doing that. Boogie was really quiet, but he did tell us that he had let James go from Les Deux. Matt called me out for talking crap about him in my blogs from last season; I told him that he shouldn't have acted so cocky. LOL. It was an interesting exchange. Brian was really quiet; he had a harder job then everyone else, and he was working on his lines for the competition. Everyone was nice to everyone, there were no fights, no awkward moments. There was a ton of BB gossip, but of course it's about people that people think I hate so I'm not going to talk about it.

Anyway, we picked our "statements" through a random ping pong ball draw, of course in the golden bag. I got "Economy," which sucked since it was a false statement and it was that gas prices have gone over $6 per gallon. I mean who is going to believe that? I tried to trade, but no one wanted to trade. Well, duh!

We then went to the set, which was cool. I was actually expecting it to be set up like Hollywood Squares, because that is how it was explained, but is was still fun to see the whole "game show" type thing. All of the former houseguests were in the backyard, and boy was it hot. We, the former houseguests, were prepped on what we were going to do for 30 minutes and then got to go in the AC. While we were waiting for the real thing, there was a ton of gossip. I would love to repeat it all, but I am sure the former houseguests would kill me. We all talked about whether Ollie's Dad was really a preacher, and, if so, everyone was saying that Ollie's family might disown him when he gets out of the house, because of all of the "relations" he is having with April. Brian says that he despises Libra; he compared her to Dick for me. Wow, I really didn't think she was that bad. Well, I still like her.

OK! So, we finally get to the start of the competition. We all get in our spots and then Big Brother turns on the current houseguest mics, and we are able to see and hear them get into position. All of the current houseguest then see us, and they are freaking out. They are speculating that we will all be joining them in the Big Brother game; they really don't know what to think. Dan looks depressed, I think he thinks we are going to rat him out on him being "America's Player" or something. Brian then explains to them the whole "In the News?" game. And then they switch from being freaked out/scared into freaked out/excited. Brian then introduces all of us with our little quips, and they clap for everyone. Brian has to redo Matt's and my intros, which is why it seems they aren't clapping for us on the show. Anyways the whole thing went pretty fast, basically what was on the final CBS cut. Some of our answers were shortened, but it was pretty close. I heard April thought that she was our favorite, but there is not one former houseguest that agrees. I am not really sure where she got that from.

After we left the backyard we went back to the green room where the live feeds were on. Michelle and April were talking about how hot Matt was. April was talking about how we liked her the most and that to do that competition was like a luxury competition. They were all really nice; I think they knew we were listening.

As I was leaving I was told that the word in the Big Brother circuit is that Nick and I are engaged. I laughed; Nick and I are amazing together, but we are not engaged. Overall it was a good time! I am thrilled that Big Brother chose me to represent Season 8! Thanks Big Brother!!!

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