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Big Brother 9: 'Til Death Do You Part - Jen's Take
A red unitard returns and the power of veto competition resembles last season's "Cut Throat Christmas"

By Jen Johnson
Special to MSN TV

This episode starts with Sharon talking to the girls and Joshua and her ranting about penises sticking together, and that being the reason she is nominated against Chelsia. I guess she has figured out the "bro alliance" without even knowing about it. Well Ryan and Joshua are talking about trusting each other 100% and being a "secret" alliance, and since both of them are in pretty good spots right now in this game, I think that it is equally useful to both of them.

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There is then Natalie and Matt drama, basically Matt being rude and Natalie getting upset. Then Joshua goes to all of the girls and tries to work out a deal to get Matt out, but within minutes Natalie tells Matt, and the gig is up. Oh Natalie, sometimes you just have to keep things in or else you end up with everyone being mad at you and accomplishing nothing. Matt then goes to tell Ryan what they are up to and Matt and Ryan devise an alternative plan. Joshua then tells Ryan the plan that if he puts Matt up then he will be safe for two weeks. Ryan then tells Joshua that he already knows this whole plan because Natalie already told Matt, and Matt told him. Isn't this hysterical? In no time, the plan is devised, leaked, ruined, and OVER! Wait maybe it's still in, Ryan just said that he may have no choice but to put up Matt? That sounds like a horrible idea, for him at least, he would take out a big threat who is actually his ally. Well I guess when five people offer you protection for two weeks, it can get hard to resist.

Next up the Power of Veto Competition, which is my favorite to play in and watch, um wait, is this almost a carbon copy of last years "Cut Throat Christmas?" Come on Big Brother!!! Your making me angry, get some new stuff up in there. I guess this year it's pool instead of shuffle board, and besides that it's identical. Oh my gosh the prizes are even the same, well pretty close for sure. All of the prizes get switched up but basically at the end of the day Ryan ends up with $10,000, Sharon a Slop pass, Adam a motorcycle, Joshua a letter from home, Chelsia the power of veto, and most importantly Shiela somehow ends up with what is claimed to be my red unitard, well they say "Jen's red unitard." Well I am not sure if they know this but I still have my unitard, so it's not mine! Liars! Hahaha, it is ok I know what they mean, oh and I can still remember getting it, that might have been the best day in the Big Brother house for me. They aired me getting it, I look so happy! Ok well back to the show, everyone now thinks that Matt will be going up and home, except for Matt and myself, Ryan will realize that that is a bad idea. Shiela starts crying because she has "my unitard" over $10,000 what a baby, the unitard is priceless. Shiela puts on the unitard and says "Jen is probably so jealous right now, that I took over her outfit." That's funny Shiela, and no I am not jealous. Shiela then goes off on a rant about her being on the wrong side, and now she wants to make sure that Ryan doesn't put up Matt. Shiela convinces Ryan to not put up Matt, which is obviously in her best interest. Then at the veto meeting Chelsia takes herself off the block and who goes up? Not Matty, but instead he puts up James, the house is shocked. Matt becomes a total cocky bastard, but I do have to admit Joshua and Sharon's faces were priceless. Well who will go home tomorrow Sharon or James? It is usually the replacement, but you don't know until the moment it goes down, guess we will all know later tonight.

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Oh and I am so excited that someone is going to get voted in tonight, come on Allison, get your butt back in there. :)

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