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  • Canceled TV Shows (con't) - MSN TV NewsCanceled TV Shows (con't) 3. "Homicide: Life on the Street" (NBC) Premiered: January 1993 Cancelled: August 1999. How seminal was "Homicide: Life of the Street"?
  • Canceled or renewed? - TVFeb 11, 2014 11:59AM. ... This show was RENEWED, not Cancelled. Guess alot of these Poll Takers can't read. Most aren't even on the right Show when they comment.
  • Canceled! - MSN TV NewsWhich TV shows got the ax? ... And although it hasn't been officially cancelled, "The Drew Carey Show" doesn't have a place on the fall schedule.
  • Canceled or renewed? - TVI CLICKED ON THIS STUPID LINK TO FIND OUT IF THEY ARE CANCELED OR RENEWED, ... Find out if your fave show is returning or has been given the ax. CANCELED: "Community ...
  • Top 10 Canceled TV Shows - MSN TV NewsTop 10 Canceled TV Shows. ... There's nothing quite like having your favorite TV show axed by callous network executives that are interested only in the bottom line.
  • Photo Gallery on MSN TVThis is such an awesome show. I hate it see being canceled. ... or because of running out of audience suggestions for dirty jobs to do? Great show.
  • Canceled or renewed? - TVSo, comments mean nothing without mentioning the show. one point in the slideshow...these shows were cancelled months ago ... Apr 2, 2014 1:27PM.
  • Canceled or renewed? - TVCanceled or renewed? Photo 28 of 158. Previous ... 2014 11:00AM. Why does everyone ... I really like this show but its starting to get repetitious and predictable, ...
  • Canceled or renewed? - TVFind out whether your favorite show is returning ... 2014 6:55AM. I am guessing that ... if there is a show that deserved to be cancelled it's this one.
  • Canceled or renewed? - TVCanceled or renewed? Photo 1 of 158. Previous ... 2014 6:52PM. It's not the cancelled shows that bother me; it's the crap that they keep renewing!
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