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  • The Re-Inventors - Series Overview - MSN TVAncient Chinese inventions paved the way for modern warfare technology, and the re-inventors aim to prove...
  • Beyond Invention - Episode Guide - MSN TVBeyond Invention Episode Guide - View a list and a synopsis of all episodes from Beyond Invention
  • American Inventor - Cast and Crew - MSN TVAmerican Inventor Cast and Crew - Find out more about the cast & crew behind American Inventor. View photos, filmographies, and more.
  • Emergency! - 'Inventions' Episode Info - MSN TVThe Squad 51 guys enter a contest for the best new firefighting invention. This new diversion, however, does not cause them to neglect their workload, which this week ...!/inventions/
  • Pitchmen - Episode Guide - MSN TVA former marine believes he can revolutionize the flashlight; Sully puts his life on the line for an inventor carrying on his father's legacy.
  • Last Night on TV - MSN TVHot TV Shows. The Big Bang Theory. Game of Thrones. The Walking Dead. Scandal. Top TV Highlights. TV Clips & Full Episodes. TV Rewind. Reality Radar. Canceled or renewed?
  • World's Dumbest ... - 'World's Smartest Inventions 7 ...'World's Smartest Inventions 7' - Silverware for your dog; holsters for your beer; improvements for your bathroom; pajamas you can wear to court.'s-dumbest/world's-smartest-inventions-7/
  • Steve Harvey - 'Steve's Top Inventor Competition; Act Like ...Steve's Top Inventor Competition; Act Like a Lady Success Stories; A Heartfelt Thank You's-top-inventor-competition-act-like-a-lady-success-stories-a-heartfelt-thank-you/
  • Inventions of War - Series Overview - MSN TVDescription: Everyday items directly descend from wartime innovations. next airing. Hot TV Shows
  • Invention Hunters - Cast and Crew - MSN TVNo Guest stars information is available for this series. No Crew information is available for this series. Hot TV Shows
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