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  • Ink Master - Episode Guide - MSN TVInk Master Episode Guide - View a list and a synopsis of all episodes from Ink Master
  • Ink Master - 'Skulls and Villains' Episode Info - MSN TV'Skulls and Villains' - The artists engrave human skulls; the artists must make tattoos of DC Comics characters.
  • Ink Master - Series Overview - MSN TVInk Master - Ten of the country's top tattoo artists hope to make a lasting impression on the judging panel in this competition series. Those judges include renowned ...
  • Ink Master - 'Heroes & Heads' Episode Info - MSN TV'Heroes & Heads' - The Artists honor military heroes; complex head tattoos; Oliver has a meltdown; the Judges are deadlocked.
  • Ink Master - 'Baby Beat-Down' Episode Info - MSN TV'Baby Beat-Down' - The artists ink over scars as they create "Day of the Dead" tattoos; one canvas wants Tatu Baby's face as a tattoo.
  • Ink Master - 'Pasties and a Cameltoe' Episode Info - MSN TV'Pasties and a Cameltoe' - Naked women come into play and another head tattoo causes a fight.
  • Ink Master - 'The Epic Finale' Episode Info - MSN TV'The Epic Finale' - The final three artists battle it out on their toughest canvas yet; the second chance vote winner is revealed; the Ink Master is crowned.
  • Ink Master - 'Enduring the Pain' Episode Info - MSN TVInk Master: Episode Info. Series Overview. Upcoming Airings. Episodes. Videos. Photos. News. User Reviews. Cast & Crew. Enduring the Pain. Next episode > Previous ...
  • Browse TV Shows - MSN TVInk. 1996-1997. Comedy, Reality. Ink Master. 2012. Reality. Inked. 2005-2006. Reality. In-Law Wedding Wars. 2011. Reality. In-Laws. 2002-2003. Comedy. InnerSpace.
  • Browse TV Shows - MSN TVLA Ink. 2007-2013. Documentary/Bio, Reality. La La Land. 2010. Comedy. La La's Full Court Life. 2011-present. Reality. La La's Full Court Wedding. 2010-2013. Reality ...
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