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Shows that sound fake

The only thing you can believe is that these shows are actually real

By Robert Isenberg
Special to MSN TV

In an early episode of "30 Rock," NBC airs a fictional reality show called "MILF Island." The premise was simple: "25 super-hot moms, 50 eighth-grade boys, no rules." The parody was hilarious, it became a recurring gag, and "30 Rock" won a bunch of Emmys.

But you just know that an actual producer, somewhere in Hollywood, threw up his hands and shrieked, "Why didn't I think of that! 'MILF Island'! It's genius!"

Sometimes, a show premieres that's so outrageous, so shocking, so borderline offensive that you can't believe it's real -- but it is real. Someone actually pitched the idea, and someone gave it the green light. The premise may stun you, or maybe just the title. It may not be "MILF Island," but this week, "Bet on Your Baby" hits the airwaves. And it's every bit as weird as you imagine.

To ring in "Bet on Your Baby," we've rounded up some of our favorite fake-sounding-yet-authentic reality shows. Some may seem incredible, but the only thing you can believe is that they're real.

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