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Left-field reality stars

Famous, semi-famous or washed-up, random celebrities snag reality fame

By Robert Isenberg
Special to MSN TV

As we learned from "The Truman Show," almost anyone can star in reality television. All you need is some stage presence and a pulse, and a film crew will strive to make your life interesting. Sure, a big house is a bonus, and a boisterous family keeps things lively. But, really, with the right premise, you could film the postman. (Actually ...) 

But when Hollywood needs reality stars, producers often pick the most random people. Most of them are well known, but not necessarily current, or memorable, or even recognizable. Some reality stars are famous by proxy: They have better-known siblings, parents and friends. What they may not have is a reality-TV track record: no dancing with stars, no apprenticeships with Donald Trump, not even a decent addiction.

In honor of Ryan Lochte, the Olympic champion who debuted in his own reality program, we fondly remember some of the genre's odder stars. Some succeeded, some failed, but however they performed, they all came out of left field.

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