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TV's Most Memorable Grandparents

Russell and Anna Huxtable, "The Cosby Show"

One of the all-time great moments in sitcom history comes near the climax of "Cosby Show" episode "Golden Anniversary," in which the Huxtables come together and celebrate Cliff's parents' 50th year of marriage. Russell and Anna, played by TV/theater vet Earle Hyman and "Play Misty for Me" star Clarice Taylor, respectively, were steadily recurring guests throughout the series' run. So "Anniversary" was as much a tribute to their characters as a convenient story line, and when all the Huxtable kids joined Bill and Clair in a lip-synced performance of James Brown's "I Got the Feeling," charming hilarity resulted. Russell and Anna may have looked absolutely nothing like their successful doctor son, but the show at least paid attention to detail and made it clear that Cliff got his love of jazz from his Roaring '20s mom and dad.

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