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TV's Most Memorable Grandparents

By Kenny Herzog
Special to MSN TV

Without grandparents, nothing that we see on TV would even exist. After all, it's not like Greg Daniels, the executive producer of "The Office" and "Parks and Recreation," gave birth to himself. Or that Miley Cyrus was immaculately conceived as Hannah Montana (despite many opinions to the contrary). But by and large, network execs and viewing audiences tend to forget that old piece of etiquette about respecting their elder generations. The small screen is primarily a haven for youthful starlets or adults in some ambiguous place between early adulthood and middle age. Which is why we here at Mom & Pop Culture wanted to acknowledge 10 of our favorite grandmas and grandpas, as well as inseparable grandparent duos. Bright young things might be what sells ad space, but the following seniors make their case for how someone twice their age can bring a TV family, and the show itself, together.

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