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'Glee' Cast on What's Ahead in Season 4
Where will the kids from McKinley High end up come fall?

The Hollywood Reporter

Could Rachel meet a familiar face on the East Coast when the fourth season of "Glee" returns in the fall? What will happen to Brittany and Santana's relationship now that the poor class president has to stay behind and repeat her senior year at McKinley?

The "Glee" Season 3 finale confirmed that Rachel (Lea Michele) is headed east with Finn (Cory Monteith) enlisting in the Army and going his own way, while Brittany (Heather Morris) with her 0.0 GPA is stuck at McKinley to repeat her senior year as her girlfriend Santana (Naya Rivera) was given the support and cash to follow her dreams of stardom.

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With so many of members of New Directions graduating -- goodbye to Rachel, Finn, Kurt (Chris Colfer), Puck (Mark Salling), Mercedes (Amber Riley), Quinn (Dianna Agron), Mike (Harry Shum Jr.) and Santana -- who will step up to lead the group in search of a Nationals victory?

The Hollywood Reporter turned to stars Michele, Rivera and Kevin McHale (Artie) to answer some of the many burning questions facing the series as it prepares for its fourth season with stories set in New York and Ohio.

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How many episodes will everyone be doing? All 15 cast members are confirmed to return in some capacity, while it's still unclear just how many episodes the swelling ensemble cast will appear in. Michele, who notes she's more excited about Glee's fourth season than any previous edition of the series, confirms her role as a series regular and that she'll be doing every episode next season. "I've spoken with Ryan and I know my character's entire arc for the whole season, and it's incredibly exciting," she enthuses. Rivera notes she'll be "a big part" of Season 4, and McHale says Artie will be around "quite a bit."

Rachel and Finn parted ways literally and figuratively at the end of Season 3. Is there hope for the couple? "Anything is possible. I think it's exciting to see them apart. But you never know with 'Glee' what's going to happen," Michele teases. "The stuff happening next year is really exciting. When I sit down and talk with [executive producer Ryan Murphy] about story lines for next year, they're so exciting and so different."

Now that Santana has her mother's blessing (and cash!), will she follow through and ditch a cheerleading scholarship at the University of Louisville and head to the Big Apple? Michele certainly hopes that's the case.

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