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Catching Up on 'Glee' Season 3
Everything you need to know as the show comes back from hiatus

By Lie Shia Ong

OK, Gleeks! We made it. The wait is almost over. All new episodes of Season 3 start airing on Tuesday, April 10. And what a wait it was, right? Darn you Ryan Murphy and FOX for making us wait this long to find out what's up next for our favorite characters at McKinley High!

In case you aren't caught up, (what have you been waiting for?!) here's what you've missed on (cue music) Gleeeeeeeeeee!

Bing: More about 'Glee'

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Season 3 of "Glee" resumes on Tuesday, April 10 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on FOX.

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