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Sunday, Jan. 13, 2013, at 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT on NBC

Best and worst moments of the 2013 Globes

Finally: funny hosts, battling Jennifers, Hathaway's quick pivot and half of Hollywood turns orange

By Kati Johnston
Special to MSN TV

The sprightly new hosts of the 70th annual Golden Globes, TV's laffmeisters Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, presided over an upbeat party that really did provide some well-deserved surprising wins ("Argo," Ben Affleck, Lena Dunham and her "Girls"), along with some just, er, surprises (Jodie Foster's rambling, awkward, inspiring speech in response to her career achievement award; former President Bill Clinton appearing to introduce the clip of "Lincoln"). And as always, Hollywood's annual silly, sloppy party had more than a few shining highlights -- as well as a few lowlights. Here are some of our favorites:

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Best Foreshadowing of the Real Fun of the Globes: During the red-carpet interview of nominee Helen Mirren, an attendee who looked like an escapee from "Entourage," exaggeratedly swigged champagne right from the bottle. Classy!

Biggest Cosmetic Promotion in L.A. We Didn't Hear About: Apparently for fake tans -- in exactly the same hue. There must have been quite a special on the same batch sprayed over all the Miss America contestants the night before in Vegas. Orange offenders included Bradley Cooper, Dustin Hoffman, Daniel Craig, Connie Britton, Lea Michelle and even Bill Clinton.

Worst Ongoing Hole in the NBC Reporting Team: Why no embedded reporters on the floor when "the bar is very much open"? Get Lauer down there where the real action is!

Most Delightful New Hosts of an Awards Show: Longtime friends and relaxed fellow nominees on NBC shows, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. Remember back when they were the first two women to co-host the "Saturday Night Live" "Weekend Update"? "There'll be double the sexual tension," Fey then gaily promised. At the Globes, they delivered all that and more, hopping around through the audience all night long and vamping it up. ("Talk about 'Hunger Games'-- like the six weeks before I could get into this dress!" "Life of Pi"--the six weeks AFTER I take this dress off!") Dare we hope for a repeat appearance next year?

Wow! Now Who's Trouble When She Walked In? Taylor Swift suddenly looked all grown up and sultry in that purple satin gown.

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The Best Jennifer Did Win: Was there any doubt? Jennifer Lopez is talented and gorgeous, but classy she is not. Her see-through ice skater outfit next to Jennifer Garner's absolutely elegant gown and styling proved all over again that Ben Affleck did, in fact, choose the right half of Bennifer with Garner.

Ah, Well, His Heart Will Go On: Poehler gave "Zero Dark Thirty" director Kathryn Bigelow a supremely backhanded (yet splendid) compliment when she mentioned the controversy over that film's torture scenes. "Well," Poehler said cheerily, "When it comes to torture, I trust the lady who was married for three years to James Cameron."

Least Likely Hair Twins: Halle Berry and Daniel Day-Lewis, who sported identical gelled-up tufts.

Funniest Camera Disconnect with the Script: Fey and Poehler joked about the Globes' intermingling of the "beautiful people of movies" (cut to the decidedly non-photogenic Quentin Tarantino, who Fey earlier said "is the star of all my sexual nightmares") "and the rat-faced people of TV" (cut to the most glamorous woman in the western hemisphere, Sofia Vergara).

Most Immobile Hair Trend: Buns. Chignons. Topknots. There was going to be a backlash against the last several years of long, loose, extension-draped tresses. But the new buns are, dare we say it, stiff. Top offenders: Eva Longoria, Sarah Paulson, Julianne Moore. On the other hand, Taylor Swift and Jessica Capshaw got the look right, with softer waves accompanying their sleek knots.

Fresh Prints: Sienna Miller, a nominee for her touching portrayal of Tippi Hedren in "The Girl," rocked the springy print trend with just enough perky flowers to brighten the room but not overwhelm her dress.

Most Bitter Uncast Actress: Well, that's just a guess, but why else would Catherine Zeta-Jones feel the need to show off and belt a few lines of a song from "Les Misérables" when introducing the clip of the film? Instead of landing a juicy role in that award-winning film, she was forced instead to star in Tom Cruise's "Rock of Ages." She must still be misérable.

Best New Flavor: Ginger! Redheads Jessica Chastain, Damian Lewis and Julianne Moore took home Globes for their roles in "Zero Dark Thirty," "Homeland" and "Game Change." (Though we didn't completely exhale until Lewis finished his speech -- kept thinking his vest was made of explosives.) Runner-up: Presenter Kristin Wiig, being super silly with "SNL" sidekick Will Ferrell.

Hottest Fake Rumor: Giuliana Rancic's public speculation that nominee Anne Hathaway was pregnant. Oopsy! Hathaway's reps quickly shot down the notion. For now.

Most Fun New Mums' Night Out: "Skyfall" singer and winner Adele's unscripted ebullience was contagious. She confessed that she and a girlfriend, another new mother, came for "a girls' night out, and we've been pissing ourselves laughing!" Hey, we want to sit at their table!

The Evening's Best (and Only) Harvey Weinstein Reference: Jennifer Lawrence, winner for "Silver Linings Playbook," was sassy in her litany of thanks, including, "Harvey, thank you for killing whoever you had to get me up here!"

Biggest Turnaround in the Evening: "Les Mis" star Anne Hathaway was inspiring when she accepted the award, a "blunt object that I will use from now on against self-doubt," which she should, since she beat out the highly favored Sally Field of "Lincoln." But by the end of the telecast, she'd tiptoed into supremely irritating territory, hogging the microphone when the film won and the cast and producers were all onstage. Why? To thank a few people she'd forgotten before. And to look like she was trying just a little bit too hard.

Wait, They Just Had Babies? Nominee Claire Danes ("Homeland") and presenter Megan Fox recently became moms? Both gorgeous actresses were sleek and looked absolutely amazing.

Best Imitation of a Bust of a Mount Rushmore Carving: Nominee Tommy Lee Jones never cracked a smile. Not once. Not amused.

Get that "Girl" Some New Shoes: Cool that edgy Lena Dunham won multiple times for her HBO series "Girls," but she barely seemed able to walk up to the stage. What on earth did she have on her feet?

Worst Emergency Shortage of Hair Gel: Suffered by the stylist for presenter Lucy Liu, whose side ponytail was cute, but which sprouted loose shards of hair all the way from scalp to tip.

Most Deserving, Oft-Overlooked Actor: Don Cheadle, honored for his role as a high-level fixer for the Showtime show "House of Lies."

Oh, Somebody Had to Do It: Sacha Baron Cohen offended most of the room with zingers about Hathaway, Gérard Depardieu, Russell Crowe ... well, you get the idea. But remember, Ricky Gervais made comments like that for three straight hours for the last few years.

Best Channeling of John Wayne: Or his walk, anyway. Presenter Julia Roberts lumbered out onstage like she was about to challenge some pilgrim or another to a duel. "Somebody oughta belt you in the mouth. But I won't, I won't. The hell I won't!"

Best Unintentional Homage of "Lincoln": Bill Murray, whose scruffy muttonchops paid tribute to the likes of Robert E. Lee, Ambrose Burnside, and Ulysses S. Grant. Meanwhile, "Lincoln" best actor winner Day-Lewis gave a gracious, appreciative speech for all his "Lincoln" collaborators who did not receive awards. He was even rather statesmanlike.

Most Touching Tribute: Honoree Jodie Foster's heartfelt shout-out to her ailing mother, Brandy. And she used her speech to come out publicly while the entire room held its collective breath, as she announced that she's ... "single. That's right." (Unsaid, but a mighty clear: "Though it's none of your business.") Foster was fierce and awkward and unapologetic for protecting her privacy, yet singled out her sons and her ex, and honored the disgraced Mel Gibson, who must have been sending up silent prayers of gratitude during the whole speech. And Jane Lynch's thought bubble was... perplexed. And this, friends, is why we love live awards shows. Yes, here's to 50 more years, Jodie.

Watch more highlights from the night:

Kati Johnston is a regular contributor to MSN Entertainment:

Jan 14, 2013 10:16AM
egotistical maniacs celebrating themselves...........and the idiots that worship them.
Jan 14, 2013 10:15AM

I like Jennifer Garner, but Jennifer Lopez looked better. Her dress was lovely, while Jennifer Garner's was a little boring. Red and drapy and glittery....  


I thought Jennifer Lopez looked very classy...but the young boyfriend has got to go if she wants to improve her image.


Kate Hudson....AWESOME!! Loved the whole look.

Jan 14, 2013 10:11AM

Tina Fey and Amy whats her name are not that funny unless they are saying something very well scrpted and tested.  They were more childish in their humor last night, not adult.  Hosting a show like that with humor is fine, but humor with a bit of class and with some depth.  I was waiting for the cream pies to start being tossed around.  Glad that fey could afford to get that scar fixed, and the Amy person needs some exercise for that sagging back end.  And, do we we really need 8 lines of adulation and their complete lifetime resume every time either of the two are mentioned?  And the other girl you quoted using quotation marks in your article.  The one who talked about a blunt object...  Did you intentionally leave out the word "weapn" that she used?  And Foster.... I hate all this big coming out news 30 years after everybody already knew shes a lesbian... what, was she on trial?  Duh.  Waste of air time.  You forgot the two people who stood there looking confused when the teleprompter and videos did not work... that was funny.  It was just a cheaply run production all around. 

Jan 14, 2013 9:59AM
MSN disappoints again. Jodi Foster's speech was so much more than MSN's WonderWall blog headline " Foster Comes Out In Strange Speech".  When will MSN drop this horrible website for it's entertainment news. It is slow, heavy and biased.
Jan 14, 2013 9:57AM
How about Jennifer Lawrence's first words...... "Wow, I beat Streep"
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