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Aug 24, 2013 12:54PM

It's long past time to just say no-no to Nene, give the boot to Honey Boo Boo, dump Trump, let the dancers on Dancing With The Stars, So You Think You Dance, etc. just waltz on out the door, divorce the Real Housewives Of wherever, give the pink slip to Pawn Shop Wars, let Gator Boys sink back into the swamps where they belong and evict the whole Big Brother house and demolish it, or in plain English get rid of the whole reality television industry that has plagued the airwaves for so long that it has caused the near demise of truly creative programming or producing. And all the terrible puns (and any anybody else could come up with in connection with these pieces of drivel) I've just written above are far more creative and entertaining than any of the reality television shows, including the so-called competition shows like the Voice, American Idol, X Factor, etc. which are not true talent competitions as long as contestants get to stay in part because of fan voting because fans are not professionally skilled judges and thus aren't truly judging talent.

Aug 24, 2013 12:13PM

No thanks. I have had enough of NeNe and her bad attitude.



Aug 22, 2013 1:05PM
Really....she gets a reality show?????    Is this the best they can come up with?  I wish they would put all reality shows on one channel. 
Aug 24, 2013 12:35PM
OH PLEASE REALLY!!!! Do we not have enough bad behavior not good TV???Really spare us this circus.

Aug 24, 2013 12:27PM
So pathetic if this is their idea of television to watch. Sure they could have come up with something more interesting the 15 min of fame was up long ago.............
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