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Sep 15, 2013 3:35AM
Very pretty young lady with a beautiful smile!

Sep 15, 2013 6:36AM

The women now days are wearing to much war paint for these competitions.

They should make it a rule of NO Makeup, let them go with the True Natural Look, to find the really true Miss America

Sep 15, 2013 12:00PM
Love all this hypocritical junk.  No real hair color and stuff.  Not one of them eating any more than a half a carrot stick without puking it up.  8 hours in the gym every day... just like every other person in the world who has to actually work those 8 hours and get tired out earning money to live on.  But we are all supposed to admire those unbelievable thin and toned sculpted bodies that are impossible to get unless you drop out of life, get some injections, and live in the gym 20 hours a day when not getting the hair colored or practicing that 2 minute chunk of talent over and over.  But then on the same token with all this fake 'beauty' and absolute perfection.... everyone has to say how wonderful a giant tattoo is, and that it is not about their bodies at all, its about their smarts...yep, and that's why those bikini's keep shrinking, to make room for the added brain power.  Maybe not.  Hey, anyone see any chubby girls with a 190 IQ working on their 3rd PHD at MIT in physics or some medical research something?  No?  Didn't think so.  Anyone see a pair of eye glasses?  I know, there are contacts.... anyone know how many people cannot wear contacts?  I bet out of those 50 something girls... if it were real and on brain and regular exercise power... there would be at least one fair looking bottle bottom wearer in the bunch.  Now, the one arm girl.... hey, I am all in for that.  She cant help that one.  Its something that is what it is.  Like having the bottle bottom glasses, or a diabetic contestant having a weight problem.... cant be helped.  No problem.  Im there.  But why do I gotta act like I am in love with the idea of some little 90 lbs girl getting a giant blotch of a tattoo all up and down her midsection of her own free will??? I don't have to like that.  It looks stupid and out of place.  Its not a birth mark that cant be helped.  If it was, then ok, she is fine, and we need to get past it... but she picked it and did it like a stupid drunk sailor out in the far east in a seedy port city.  Her fault, it looks dumb, bad, she messed up.  The pageant should just say what it is.... bunch of girls who spent a couple years starving, puking, pumping iron 24/7, practicing for 2 minutes of twirling a baton or playing a couple notes on a flute, getting the hair bleached, the boobs lifted, the toes straightened, the fat sucked out of the knees and here and there, the eyes pulled up a bit.....the teeth capped and whitened.... all so they could have that one chance to win a wardrobe, a scholarship, and travel around to state fairs for a year.  Then go back to pigging out on Taco bell day and night, selling the piano, trying to catch a rich husband before the fat piled back on to the slowed matabolism body..... and all the rest.  Then Id think ya, ok, they put a lot of effort into being perfect and plastic for one night, everyone is honest and on board about what it really is about, the chubby nerd girl with the 180 IQ and Phd's just isnt going to get in, and lets have fun watching to see if one falls down right at the big moment of the show after all that effort and stuff.  Just some honesty calling these things what they are, and having some fun with it.
Sep 15, 2013 5:56PM

To all of you people who say we can't judge any of these women and if we do we are "haters" and none of us in front of the keyboard look as good as they do: We in the public DO have a right to judge these women. These women are putting themselves forward as the most beautiful young women in America -- we are INVITED to judge them by themselves, the media, and the pageant. No, of course, none of us commenting look as good as they do, but that's not the point. WE AREN'T putting ourselves in a national contest and show that posits we are one of the 50 best-looking women in America. After all, WE are America and the winner is supposed to represent "our ideal."

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The 2014 Miss America competition

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