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I respect all those who overcame adversity. I,m a fan of Mr. Robert Downey jr., he is an excellent actor. I will pray for all. Every situation has solution which is Jesus. He gives us peace.
Oct 31, 2012 5:26PM
Oh give me break!  Adversity?  It is easy to deal with adversity when you have plenty of money. Britney seems like a nice person but Downey Jr. and Baldwin have turned into complete **** hats. With the devastation that Sandy caused to millions of ordinary people, MSN ran a story about how Alec Baldwn's wife had to move her red carpet dresses because her closet had a leak in it.  Oh my God!!!!  Shock Horror!!!  hey also wrote I quote "she BRAVELY stepped out onto the balcony."  Alec was pretentiously watching a movie that was about a blackout.  Oh Alec, you are so clever and perceptive, then the idiot got back to his tweeting.  I thought he was over with that.  So STFU about celebrities, they wouldn't know adversity if it kicked them in their stupid asses.  
Oct 31, 2012 4:12PM
Adversity?  Self-administered adversity, in my opinion.  I'll save my sympathy for those who really deserve compassion and understanding ... not these ego-driven nitwits.
Oct 31, 2012 8:52PM
My vote is still out on Baldwin. I can't say either way for sure if he's cleaned up his act. Spears? SHE'S A FREAKING NO REAL TALENT, MENTAL MESS!. Just like the lush Loham is. The only one (out of the 3) who seemed to really beat the odds, is Robert Downey jr. Mr Downey admitted he f'ed up royally and then stepped up and CLEANED UP.  He got clean and sober and is now doing VERY well. The rewards of keeping clean and on the straight and narrow, are that his personal life is back on track (happily remarried) and his career is hot once again. The adversities that he overcame were ones he place in front of himself and he beat those inner demons. Way to go Mr. Downey! You are a smart man to stay strong and not slip back into old ways. GOOD ON YOU sir. Let's hope some of these other people take a lesson from you and get it right as well.
Oct 31, 2012 3:54PM
Baldwin should be banned from the US.
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The Comeback Trail

Musicians, actors and writers who triumphed over personal and career crises

By Sean Nelson
Special to MSN Entertainment

As David Lynch told Louis C.K. on an especially poignant episode of "Louie," the second rule of show business is "you've got to go away to come back." In this gallery, we examine the lives and careers of artists who have completed this cycle -- often more than once -- bouncing back from disease, addiction and the thousand natural shocks that celebrity is heir to. Some are musicians, some actors, some writers, some multitalented hyphenates, but they all share two things in common: They went away, and they came back.